Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebelmouse in you ipad

Rebelmouse the new instant front page to your life, taking you shared links from twitter and facebook.
And now with this little trick you could start to share in your comfy seat from your ipad.

1.- Go and bookmark
2.- Then go to edit the bookmark
3.- paste this code replacing the url.

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Scott Whaley said...

I am perhaps missing pieces because I am not sophisticated ipad user. I have tried doing the directions you said in SAFARI on Ipad2. I cannot get it to set up the bookmark or input the code. Also, not sure if it is before signin or after. Also, is in google chrome? Or Safari. I appreciate the idea...but by any chance can you do a screen capture? I have already spent an hour attempting to fix...and cannot. Also, I have 5 commercial sites and do a lot of video/copy etc. Almost all on PCs so maybe that is why I need help. Thanks!