Saturday, February 23, 2008

Password creator for cellphones

I found and old software I did, sometime ago.
I'm talking about "password creator", that help me to make easily password, to avoid use pass like births, pet names or like l33t style.

Mini Introduction
Is a software to generate password in your cellphone.

How does it work?
simple: you need just press "generar" and ready, this make a random password almost unique.

With a phrase: You can fill in a text asociate to a unique password. But I obviously recommend remeber without help of you cellphone for more security.

Don't worry in you cellphone gonna looks betters :), this image is just from a cell emulator.

Inside the options you can set the large of the password and if you want uppercase, lowercase, numbers or special characters($,#,+..).


Jad & Jar (?)

Source code