Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rebelmouse in you ipad

Rebelmouse the new instant front page to your life, taking you shared links from twitter and facebook.
And now with this little trick you could start to share in your comfy seat from your ipad.

1.- Go and bookmark
2.- Then go to edit the bookmark
3.- paste this code replacing the url.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Filter by Contact Group in gmail

Trying to optimize my way to read mails, and making a vip group in my contacts, I got a little problem when I did try to filter the group, just because gmail doesn't support this function.
But if you have the same problem I found a little hack to do it.

Steps to filter by contact in gmail

  1. Create the group in Contacts ( if doesn't exists)
  2. Compose an email to group
  3. Copy the "To:" field
  4. Paste into the "Convert" textbox
  5. Copy the the "Convert" output into a new filter
The problem with this method is everytime when you modify the Contact Group you must to do all again.
But until gmail let do this we don't have much to do.
If do you find a new better way to filter contacts groups in gmail don't doubt comment!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Password creator for cellphones

I found and old software I did, sometime ago.
I'm talking about "password creator", that help me to make easily password, to avoid use pass like births, pet names or like l33t style.

Mini Introduction
Is a software to generate password in your cellphone.

How does it work?
simple: you need just press "generar" and ready, this make a random password almost unique.

With a phrase: You can fill in a text asociate to a unique password. But I obviously recommend remeber without help of you cellphone for more security.

Don't worry in you cellphone gonna looks betters :), this image is just from a cell emulator.

Inside the options you can set the large of the password and if you want uppercase, lowercase, numbers or special characters($,#,+..).


Jad & Jar (?)

Source code

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Java default icons

I always had the doubt, how to use java's icons? or wich are the default java's icons. for example the Warning icon from JOptionPane, etc.
This could be usefull or I want this because some time I need to use icon fast and easy to test something or just to don't add my own icon.

And now after to search for everywhere and looking inside Java's code i found some of them.

To get defaults icon, you need to ask to javax.swing.UIManager class, wich one have the objects related with look&fell (borders, icons, fonts...)

for example:

Icon icon = UIManager.getIcon("OptionPane.informationIcon");
JButton buton = new JButton(icon);

And the icon list is the next :


Data Models

In most software development is necessary to store a lot of data, so is necesary to design a model database to the problem.
Well for those who need to design one in there are more than 300 models Database, designed for typical cases as ERP, Customers and a Health Center, Clients and Fees,Bookstore...etc.
There are the diagrams ready to take and free download, and if you need help say they cand give a hand :-)

Links :
-reference from Anieto2k

Why Developers Leave (And What You Can Do About It)

Interesting article in the magazine, Speaking about why programmers migrate
Some comments :
About Money
"There are numerous ways to let a developer know that you are interested in working with him long term, and not all of them involve monetary rewards. Any kind of additional “perk” goes a long way towards making people happy. These can involve non-liquid monetary assets such as stock options as well as perks like telecommuting, free lunches/snacks/sodas, good hardware, other gadgets"

About Morale
"If a good developer leaves the company for a reason that doesn’t directly involve money, it is often some type of morale problem—one that may be more widespread than you think. If people aren’t happy where they work, they will often leave for equal—or even less—pay elsewhere."

About Burnout
"What kinds of activities am I talking about? That’s up to you. People are different and different things work for different people so there isn’t any one clear answer to that question. Many developers are computer gaming geeks as well so a quick match of Warcraft III or Unreal Tournament can serve to refresh a developer almost as well as a good nights sleep. Others don’t enjoy PC gaming, but will welcome other things, like a quick game of HORSE on the Nerf basketball hoop in the hallway."

..."However, before looking to big, broad, expensive gestures and top-down morale improvement initiatives, look at the simple things first. Things like getting to know your employees personally, using common sense in operations, and finding out what employees want from you and your company can go a long, long way towards helping you keep good people working hard in your organization."

Links : The full article

Sun's Courses free

well, not all are free,but there are several free and interesting, like this:
"topics about Application Server PE 9: ease of development for Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5, installation and basic administration, service oriented architecture (SOA) features, deployment, performance, developer experience, security, debugging and troubleshooting features."

These courses bring mp3 explanations, and they look very interesting...

more info:
SUN's course
Sun training